From the heart

Round 2 of Meds

I missed a couple more days of work, (Totaling 4 from each of my jobs, so a total of 8 days now) due to whatever hell of a sinus infection I have.

I knew my kids starting day care would provide a monster of a mess of illnesses, but I pictured just colds, sniffles and maybe some puking. So I’m starting to wonder if this is from where I work, maybe mold and bacteria in the air is causing this (I was fine before I started) or ’tis the season?

Not this. We’ve had upper respitory problems since the 20th of November. The kids are on the mend, they’ve completed their antibiotics, so has my husband and so did I. I felt find for a few days and then Wednesday I woke up with the chills, broke out with sweating and more chills. I carried on and went to work only to get worse. I went straight to urgent care after work and was told my sinus infection never cleared up, so I’m on round two of antibiotics.

I feel like absolute garbage and I’m trying to press on. I called out of work tomorrow at my part time gig, I am to return to my full time gig on Monday.

I just don’t know what to do. My body is tired, I know my immune system is lowered due to my thyroid disorder, but come on. This doesn’t seem right. I go to my regular doctor on the 31st, now to follow up again on this sinus infection and check the status of my referral to an ENT in the area. We live in such a pretty area and I just want to get out and explore with the kids, not feeling like this.

It’s also the holiday season, I want to enjoy this year more than ANYTHING and I feel like we can’t do much because I’m sick. Not cool. Mom guilt is riding me down so bad right now. I’m feeling like a huge burden to my husband, my jobs and my family.

Praying this disgusting upper respiratory infection goes the F away.

❤️, K


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