Flying Away

Yesterday I had to do one of the hardest things ever in my life.

I dropped my oldest daughter off at the airport, to catch a plane, by herself.

I stayed until her flight took off from the tarmac.

She has flown with me on a plane since she was 4 years old, she is a seasoned traveler. However, not flying with her for the first time made me a crying and blubbering mess at Gate 6, at the airport. (I was snorting, it was ugly)

My oldest daughter flew across the country to visit her dad and his parents for Winter break.

Unfortunately it wasn’t a direct flight and a whole mess occurred while in Dallas/Fort Worth airport. I’m pissed off with American Airlines for not contacting me, like they say in the unaccompanied minor paperwork they provided me, about any flight changes/delays/cancellations. I contacted the main customer service line and finally got a callback nearly an hour after this mess started.

While my daughter is a competent young adult, she is still a minor. She was asked if she wanted to catch the next flight from Dallas to her final destination or if she wanted to stay overnight and catch a morning flight.

…..hold on let me repeat that…..

American Airlines asked my 14 year old daughter who is flying ALONE, if she wanted to catch the next available flight in 4 hours or stay the night ALONE in an airport until the next morning.

Yes I know they have an unaccompanied minor holding room for travelers however the whole point of this program is to have it so if an unaccompanied minors flight is canceled/delayed they have at least one more flight to get on that day. That’s what was explained to me when I paid for her ticket and the large fee for an unaccompanied minor.

Are you fucking kidding me!? 🤬

Call her mother!!! You know, the phone number listed in the paperwork she is literally wearing around her neck?! Contact her mother or father or stepfather or grandmother for this!! Those numbers were available to them on a paper she is literally carrying as she travels.

My poor child had anxiety peaking like crazy until they figured it out and found the next flight to her final destination.

At that same time I finally got a call back from customer service about the situation and was told to file a complaint, after informing me she was infant booked on the last flight to her final destination.

She was a trooper and I’m so happy she has a calm personality. She made it safely to her grandmother and grandfather last night and will be home before we know it.

Traveling during the holidays is extremely difficult and sending your child alone during this time as an unaccompanied minor was not easy on my emotions, anxiety .

I will be following up with America Airlines about the lack of communication to the minors parent.

Have you ever encountered anything like this?

❤️, K

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