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Keeping Birthday’s Simple

January is a month of new beginnings, celebrations and for our family of five, we celebrate 2 birthdays just in our house! (3 if you count the dog too)

The more children we’ve had the more simple and meaningful birthdays have become. More as a way of keeping everything in our lives simple, this is one way to keep it stress free too!

We celebrate our girls birthdays with an activity/outing/adventure they want to do. Followed by their favorite cake and birthday dinner.

A small gift is appropriate but we feel the gift is in the activity/outing/adventure they choose.

Our older daughter is always welcome to invite or a friend or two over as well.

For our family, making memories is more important than the hottest toy or CD.

How do you celebrate your kids birthdays?

❤️, Kristi

1 thought on “Keeping Birthday’s Simple”

  1. How lovely 😊. When my daughter was little I couldn’t afford much, but one of her favourite memories is every Saturday or Sunday afternoon I would make us a pot of tea, pop milk in the jug, and sugar in the sugar bowl, bring out cup and saucers, buy some value biscuits and jam tarts, then we would snuggle and watch whatever kids film was on telly. Even now she talks about our snuggle afternoon’s.


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