Opinion Time

Opinion Time: Super bowl Halftime Show

Time to give my opinion about the Super bowl Halftime show that aired this past Sunday. You may hate it or agree but here it is.

Jenny from the block and Shakira did what they do best, danced and sang like the beautiful Latina women they are known to be. They are awesome performers and really showcased their talent Sunday night.

I’ve read SO MUCH about these women performing on Sunday night in a negative matter and hardly any good comments, that’s to be expected right?

Every Super Bowl Halftime we all become critics as we stuff our faces with food we wouldn’t normally eat watching a football game we probably wouldn’t watch if it wasn’t for the commercials, food, drinks and halftime show, unless it’s our team.

I enjoyed the Pepsi Super Bowl halftime show myself, and have enjoyed Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s music in the past. They’ve inspired me to dance in high school and I even remember performing to one of Jennifer Lopez’s song in my dance class.

I’m raising two little girls that are mixed race, with my husband being Colombian and myself white, we feel our girls need powerful Latina women to look up to in this world. Who better to look up to than the powerful woman who performed at the halftime show this year? J-Lo dances, sings, acts, designs and Shakira is an amazing song writer, musician and singer as well as performer when on stage. These women are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Hell, I for one look up to Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. They are over 40, moving and grooving like they are 21 while singing their greatest hits in front of MILLIONS. I was googling belly dancing classes in my area while watching the show….eating my junk food. I mean, hello they have it going on over the age of 40 and here I am nearing 35 with a little extra baggage everywhere.

Was it family friendly? Well they were clothed, so yes I think it was. Sure you may disagree and that’s valid by all means, their clothes were sparse. But can we go back and look at previous halftime shows and tell me they weren’t as “sexual” as this one? Do we not remember Adam Levine shirtless? How about Cher in the 80’s with her thin little outfits? How about Beyonce’s outfit during her performance at the Superbowl? Again, very few inches of fabric. That’s what performers do, they show alot of skin, that’s what performers do. While I’m one to leave a bit to the imagination in my outfits (hello sweats and baggy tee’s), those performers all ROCKED what they were doing and for that I’m a fan.

Please share what you think and comment below 👇

❤️, Kristi

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