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Fairy Lights in the Playhouse

Our little girls got a really neat playhouse by Little Tikes for Christmas and while it is meant to be an outside toy, with the weather being a little less than desirable most days, we’ve left it inside for more playtime.

I got the idea to add the tiny fairy lights to the playhouse to make it feel cozier when playing in the evenings after daycare or for them to lay in at night and look at books.

I purchased the fairy lights on sale and then I attached the lights to the house with 3M Command hooks, sold at many box stores and Amazon.

Control Panel Box

I started with figuring out where the box that contains the functions was easiest accessible to me, because I’m not one to crawl into the playhouse.

Once that was figured out and we were able to shimmy the lights down a hole in the roof (already there), I proceeded to place the 3M command hooks in each corner and then wrap the fairy lights around the 3M command hook and repeat until we used up the strand.

This is a really simple project and it adds some fun to a playhouse. If we decide to put the house outside we can always remove the lights so that they aren’t damaged by our extreme weather. What I love most about this simple project, our little girls think it’s “so pretty” and have enjoyed having them in the house.

This post contains affiliate links for a few of the products I used. If you click on the affiliate link and make a purchase, I receive a small incentive from the company.

Let me know what you think! Comment👇 and share if you like!

❤️, Kristi

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